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Home Claims

Homeowners claims come in many shapes and sizes. A great tip I always share is to keep records of everything. Take photos of everything the damage, receipts, temporary repairs made, temporary housing receipts and any expenditures. This will assure that you have everything thing with you ready for the adjust on initial contact which can make the claim process much more efficient.

Keep All Trees Maintained

Not only is it important to take care of your trees, but all trees over your property. This includes your neighbors trees that extend over your property or any of your trees that extend over your neighbors property. This can save a lot of headaches and thousands of dollars by preventing claims in the first place.

Washing Machine and Dryer Hoses

YES, you heard that right, some dryers offer sanitation mode where they spray the clothes with a steam. Water hoses leak eventually and it is not fun, a good way to prevent this loss is by replacing the hoses per the manufacturers replacement. A high quality hose will typically give you a replacement life.

Mold remedy specialist are recommended to verify they dry out the entire space before repairs begin. One leak on a faulty hose can easily exceed $5,000 in damage and its not unusual to climb in the tens of even the twenty-thousands.

Hot Water Tank Leak

Here we go again… water! Hot water tanks have a strange life span. Some will last 5 years while some will last 20.

Hot water tanks are notorious for rusting and leaking and it may take weeks or longer to detect. A hot water drain pan can save thousands by catching most leaks and directing the water into a designated place to prevent damage. This is such a easy way to have peace of mind on a budget as most pans are made of inexpensive plastic.